Simplify your processes

In foreign trading, the word project often refers to large cargo and all the work hours something of this magnitude entails; FLIPPER GROUP certainly deals with this kind of business very efficiently. Few companies, however, see opportunities to reduce, within their service providers, unnecessary paperwork and repetitive procedures that are overpriced and not beneficial to their foreign trade business routine.

A business partner who could point out simpler and more efficient paths to carry out internal processes, optimizing time and resources, would be significant.
FLIPPER GROUP, through its Business Department, facilitates these processes by identifying critical issues and helping make significant improvements.

By scheduling a meeting with the Business Department, any company can get familiar with FLIPPER GROUP’S short, medium and long term-goal projects.

  • Claims of former tariffs:
    FLIPPER GROUP follows the best strategies to make businesses profitable. Claims of former tariffs are one of them, which consist in temporary reduction of import duty rates for capital goods (BK); of computing and telecom (BIT); others specified in the Common External Tariff of Mercosul (TEC); and when there is no equivalent national production of the goods.
  • Drawback (emission / control):
    FLIPPER GROUP values possible cost reduction, which makes clients more competitive. Drawback is an incentive to export business.
  • Assistance with obtaining letter of credit (import and export):
    Critical analysis of the scenario for obtaining letters of credit, with legal support and within Brazilian laws.
  • Assistance with industrial transfer processes;
  • Inspection, fumigation, control and special certificates;
  • Projects for import and/or export of machinery, as well as medium and large equipment;
  • Others.

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