Customs Assistance


Customs Assistance

When hiring a service provider in Foreign Trade, every company is trusting their provider with much more than cargo and classified document: large sums for the expenses of the operations are also at stake.

May it be a small or large amount of money, correctly administrating these amounts is extremely important and of great responsibility. A service provider must have the means to administrate the money confided, keeping the clients informed about the flow derived from their operations in a quick and transparent manner.

Therefore, FLIPPER GROUP counts on a highly efficient Financial Management system, which allows the control of cash holdings and fixed cash funds separated by group, by client, and/or by process, providing all managing reports that are needed for a good information flow, internally and for clients. In addition, the billing area guarantees a quick submission of the necessary documents to the closure of every process in the deadlines determined by the accounting department.

Other important points of the services FLIPPER GROUP can provide:

  • License in Foreign Trade – RADAR:
    In case the company still does not conduct International Business, it is essential to have a license with RADAR. This procedure guarantees permission by the Brazilian Federal Revenue, allowing import/export operations.
  • Customs consulting and/or assistance:
    Regardless of the access to various information, seeking specialized support is essential to avoid irregularities. FLIPPER GROUP has a consulting and assistance department that helps with planning of future operations, clearing doubts about the best kinds of operations, international deals to reduce taxes, accurate tax classification, necessary licenses, best logistic options and so forth. With firm acting and technical knowledge, FLIPPER GROUP offers full support to the planning of operations in Foreign Trade.
  • Tax classification of goods:
    Despite the worldwide standards, it is not rare for companies to strive when it comes to properly classifying goods. It may be the whole merchandise or only its parts, or even its composition; the correct identification is fundamental so there are no fines applied or delays in delivery.
  • Special licenses and certificates (origin, weight, quality, and others):
    FLIPPER GROUP specializes in obtaining and/or renewing special licenses and certificates.
  • Customs clearance and shipment:
    The correct filling of forms is one of the most important factors in order to avoid extra taxes and delays. FLIPPER GROUP has a team of trained analysts to elaborate every document, evaluating what is permitted by law during the entire process – e.g. possible international deals that can lead to tax reduction or exemption.
  • Regular and atypical processes:
    FLIPPER GROUP’s clients can centralize all needs. From common processes of nationalization and internationalization to special ones like Drawback, Temporary Admission or Export, Bonded Warehouse and Customs Transit, FLIPPER GROUP offers solutions so the client does not worry about any details and does not need to hire any other service providers. After all, from origin to destination, FLIPPER GROUP is the way.
  • Project cargo:
    Import and export of project cargo are often quite complex. May it be the import of an entire industry or the export of wind energy blades, strategic planning and detailed study of national and international logistics are vital. For that, FLIPPER GROUP counts on specialized professionals and international business partners with the same characteristics: reliability and compliance of legislation.
  • Special cargo: chemicals, machinery, equipment, automobiles, large loads, wine from the main world producers.