International Logistics

Reduce your costs by up to 40%

Every company wishes to continuously cut unnecessary costs off the logistics chain. The cutback is undoubtedly more than welcome in any organization, requiring knowledge and constant dedication.
More and more companies seek FLIPPER GROUP due to the quality of the services and the need to reduce their logistics costs, either through one of the steps of the process or by having their whole account managed.
Some aspects are commonly responsible for high costs in the logistics chain: improper packaging, leading to damage; incorrect unloading of the merchandise, which can cause accidents; delay in Customs clearance, resulting in overpriced storing or demurrage; unfamiliarity with fees applied by freight ship and air freight companies; different freight forwarders charging different prices; storage contracts diverging from their operations; hiring various service providers and having different companies shipping every time, etc.

Long ago, segregating logistics services was considered important to reducing costs – it was believed that more affordable service providing meant saving. Instead, the process took (and still takes) much longer due to hiring and replacing outsourced labor, generating KPI reports to assess time and costs, and various problems with merchandise diversion.

Nowadays all companies understand that paying a fair price and expecting the service provider to add value to their foreign trade operations are the differential, both in quality and in cost reduction.

If you seek for a service provider who can:

  • Assess different operations;
  • Participate on planning, indicating the best paths to take:
    From origin to destination FLIPPER GROUP is the way, highly qualified to complete operations from start to finish. Strategies in logistics are developed according to each client’s needs. FLIPPER GROUP is specialized in small, medium and large businesses, upholding operational excellence.
  • Be reassuring and knowledgeable through the entire process:
    FLIPPER GROUP makes sure to go through with every process in an effective and agile manner. To do so, specialized professionals, modern systems, and synergy among the departments are necessary.
  • Have the same concerns as the client, analyzing the whole logistics chain:
    FLIPPER GROUP specializes in integrated services in foreign trade, connecting every activity so that the client has all of their needs met – the best solutions with simplified paperwork.
  • Indicate the proper modals and INCOTERMS to each operation:
    Simplified paperwork and accuracy. FLIPPER GROUP will facilitate operations, prioritizing the lowest rates and the best ways to meet the client’s needs.
  • Assist in negotiations with air freight, freight ship and insurance companies, terminals and carriers:
    One of the biggest differentials of FLIPPER GROUP lies on the partnership with the best service providers, which guarantees safety and efficiency to the operation.
  • Analyze operational costs, suggesting possible cost reduction and improvements:
    FLIPPER GROUP assures the best services with the best prices. Critical analysis of the costs and indications of improvement are done in each case.
  • Apply performance indexes and point out opportunities:?
    To reach the best position on the market, acting strategically is vital. FLIPPER GROUP has tools to assess operations, allowing precise data collecting and defining the best paths to take in accordance to each company’s reality.
  • Manage the finances coming from each operation, making paperwork easier and faster: ;
    FLIPPER GROUP’s premise is to simplify and optimize bureaucratic processes. Facilitating the clients’ needs in a driven way is vital.
  • Perform national and international pickup services:
    FLIPPER GROUP follows the whole operation closely, assuring its safety and unburdening the client.
  • Provide special licenses and certificates:
    FLIPPER GROUP handles every step of the process, making sure all demands are thoroughly met.
  • Consolidate or de-consolidate air freight cargo, LCL, and/or perform full container shipment:
    Saving time, money and handling paperwork. FLIPPER GROUP offers integrated logistics to optimize each operation, from consolidating or de-consolidating air freight cargo, to LCL and/or full container shipment.
  • Manage door-to-door operations, including special segments (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hazardous cargo or controlled products):
    FLIPPER GROUP acts in accordance with every market’s demands, meaning the capacity to fully manage door-to-door operations of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hazardous cargo and controlled products.
  • Have a network of over 300 partners all over the world:
    The best national and international companies work with FLIPPER GROUP. These partnerships allow the best ways for businesses and competitive price rates.

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