Keep your mind open for new options

Quality, agility and reliability in business

Whether in small, medium or big corporations, innovation and creativity are fundamental.

Leaving a comfort zone almost always seems challenging due to fixed routines and paradigms. Breaking this way of thinking causes a resistance to changes, making it more difficult to find new ideas and creative solutions, which are essential in foreign trade.

Therefore, FLIPPER GROUP invests in teams of creative professionals who appreciate chances and recycling knowledge, creating opportunities to develop out-of-the-ordinary and effective solutions, which contribute positively to clients’ businesses.



Capacitated collaborators with wide experience in Foreign Trade.

Teams that are highly committed to each project – the client’s concerns is FLIPPER GROUP’S.

Customers’ service and account coordinators particularly designated by client (personalization)


Agility and reliability

Progressive control of targets that make processes fast from pickup to delivery, including bureaucratic procedures and inspection.

Strategically located offices in ports, airports and borders in Brazil and abroad.

Over 300 licensed agents in every continent and in the most diverse segments of international cargo transportation.

Closeness and reliability in each operation.