Technical visit to the Port of Santos – VTPS

Connecting technical information, networking and culture, the technical visit to the port of Santos (VTPS) is ideal for entrepreneurs and/or academics to be acquainted with the biggest port in Latin America.

In 1998, FLIPPER GROUP created the first program of port tourism in the Santos metropolitan area, hosting visitors from Brazil and abroad to tour around the port of Santos.

In order to keep visitors safe, visits are conducted during the weekends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) when the terminals are less busy and the Federal Revenue Office authorizes visitation.

The content outline of a visit may vary according to the needs and length of stay of each group. It may go from one to three days and includes various activities such as technical lectures, visits to the certified terminals, schooner ride through the estuary, observation of left and right parts of the wharf, and others.