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Quality, agility and safety for your operations

Whether small, medium or large corporations, innovation and creativity are essential. Leaving our comfort zone almost always seems to be something complicated, as we are already used to a certain style of thinking and fixed routine.

Any break in this way of thinking causes what we call “resistance to changes”, making it difficult for new ideas and creative solutions to emerge, items essential to foreign trade. For this reason, the Flipper Group invests in teams of creative professionals, who like changes and renew their knowledge, creating opportunities to develop unusual and assertive solutions, which positively help your business.

Quality policy

Develop innovative and creative solutions, investing in the professional training of its employees and in cutting edge technology, providing pleasant receptive structures for customers and employees, in addition to a good relationship with public and private bodies.

Agility and Security

  • Progressive control of the Targets of the processes that enable the necessary agility from collection to delivery, including bureaucratic and inspection procedures;
  • Offices strategically located in the main ports, airports and border points in Brazil and abroad;
  • More than 300 accredited and established agents in all continents and in the most varied segments of international cargo transportation;
  • Proximity and security for your operations.