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→ Door-to-door process management

The Flipper Group is in compliance with all market requirements, this means that we are able to fully manage the Door To Door of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods, controlled products and more.

→ International trade consultancy

Although we have access to a lot of information, it is essential to seek specialized assistance, as this way it is possible to avoid irregularities. Our consultancy and advisory area assists in the planning of your future operations, clarifying doubts as to the type of operation to be carried out, international agreements that can be used to reduce taxes, ideal tax classification, licenses that will be necessary, best logistics option, and other unimagined points. With our active performance and technical knowledge, we offer full support to the planning of your foreign trade operations.

→ Projetos

Antes de realizar sua operação, conte com nossa equipe de especialistas. Eles podem auxiliar realizando estudos de viabilidade para que você faça a melhor opção.

→ Freight forwarding

We carry out national and international collections. We closely monitor the entire operation, thus ensuring safety and facilitating your day to day.

→ Customs clearance

Having a partner you can count on is not easy. It depends on a lot of synergy, ethics, performance, commitment among others but above all, trust between the parties. With almost 30 years in the market and with a rate of 99.98% in the quality standard of its services, the Flipper Group operates in import and export customs clearance for customers in the most diverse segments of the economy.

→ Training

With several themes and significant content for Brazilian Foreign Trade Importers, Exporters and Interveners, the Flipper Group offers training and lectures as a way to prepare them to work in International Trade, in person or online, including personalized content in forms of Projects.

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    The Service

    The Flipper Group serves Brazil's main ports, airports and borders through its direct branches and partners. Abroad, it has agents established on all continents, shipping conventional and special air and sea cargo (dangerous, food, machinery, projects, chemicals in general, sensitive cargo, industrial lines, vehicles, etc.), using shipowners and top companies. line.