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The Flipper Group serves Brazil's main ports, airports and borders through its direct branches and partners. Abroad, it has agents established on all continents, shipping air and sea cargo, conventional or special (dangerous, food, machinery, projects, chemicals in general, sensitive cargo, industrial lines, vehicles, etc.), using first-rate shipowners and companies. line.

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    Santos (SP) - headquarters

    Flipper Logística Internacional Ltda
    Rua Amador Bueno 333, cj. 1614
    Centro - CEP 11013-153
    CNPJ 00.158.200/0001-77

    PABX (13) 3213-6333

    São Paulo (SP)

    Flipper Logística Internacional Ltda
    Rua Ibitinga, 850
    Mooca – CEP 03186-020
    CNPJ 00.158.200/0004-10

    PABX (11) 2021-8095