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Technical visit to the Port of Santos - VTPS

Combining technical information, networking and culture, the Technical Visit to the Port of Santos (VTPS) is the ideal way for businessmen, associations, consulates and embassies to discover the largest port in Latin America.

In 1998, the Flipper Group created the first tourist-port program of Baixada Santista and since then it has been welcoming visitors from Brazil and abroad with the aim of visiting the Port of Santos.

Preserving the safety of visitors, VTPS’s are held during the weekends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays), days when the terminals visited have reduced movement and our permanence is authorized by the Federal Revenue Service.

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The programmatic content of a VTPS varies according to the needs of each group with a minimum of 30 or a maximum of 60 visitors and their availability. They can vary from one to three days and include diversified activities such as: technical lectures, visits to the accredited terminals, schooner tour through the estuary channel, visualization of the left and right banks of the pier, among others.

At the moment, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, visits to the port are suspended

    Number of visitors (minimum 30 / maximum 60)

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